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Camo Chic

Camo...most people either love it or hate it, clearly I got the "love it" gene from my Mama. It can be a fun twist on a more conservative

Who Runs the World

Today marks International Day of the Girl which supports more opportunity for Girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by Girls worldwide. This inequality includes areas such

FALLing Into Floral

Ahh fall...my favorite season. Crisp air, apple picking (ok apple cider donuts), football, Halloween- the list goes on. When I spotted this floral dress I was immediately drawn

Pay It Forward Friday

Here on Haute Navy the first Friday of each month will be focused on Paying It Forward.

After being touched by the Jayden Lamb story, I decided I wanted to do something each week, something I could hold myself accountable for, so each Friday I buy the person behind me in line their coffee.

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